Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ruthless Beginnings

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Alex said...

I was going to reply on a forum but ummm... Couldn't find "reply" button? O_o

>>The issue is people UNDERSTAND no-self, when we want them to SEE no-self.

I'm not enlightened, liberated or whatever. In fact, I'm stuck exactly at the same point. So I've been thinking about why is this happening and got an idea:

How do you look at infinity?
How do you think about infinity?

Does the mind puzzles or it just goes "problem solved. Infinity just infinity. Nothing to think about, nothing to understand anymore"?

I clearly remember that when I was a child infinty puzzled the hell out of me. And now it doesn't. It's just a lot of something.

Now. While I was reading "Thunder & Sunshine", my mind was busy not only with this whole idea (which is kinda mindfucking in itself) but also with "we are watching video that is life" and a couple of similiar metaphors.

And when I came across one of "there's no you to see, just sight" lines. Boom! Everything just happening: thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing.
But I didn't look deep enough or didn't even look at all.

Anyway. What happens to the minds of "not so smart" people when you tell them that there's no "you"?
Well, I can't really tell, but I'm pretty sure that it's mind blowing.
Mind beeing busy + LOOK!!! = liberated

And what happens when you tell this to "smart" people?
It's simple. It's so simple it's not even funny. It makes perfect sense.
Mind not beeing busy + LOOK!!! = "I'm trying! I'm trying!"

So, overloading one's mind might be a solution. The problem is how do it. All I can think of is lots of "monkey wrenches", maybe some books.

Another thing
"I understand it" means "I have another measure to differntiate MYSELF from others and I understand that it's just it". Well, not literally, but something like that.
And here's my mind goes blank. This is beyond my comprehension. It just doesn't make any sense at all.

viv said...

Happy New Whatever, Zach.

You're a star.

v xx

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