Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Introductory Part II (How to look at truth)

Before we venture on to the nature of this lie, it's important to learn how to look at truth. Truth is one thing. It's no value system, it's not "good", and it's not romantic.

Truth is one cold, hard, son of a bitch. Truth is reality itself.

So, it's time to learn how to look. By trying to figure it out, you're already going about it the wrong way. And that's why you must read this.

There's something everyone experiences. And that's the futility of thought when measured up to direct experience. That's nothing profound, mind you. You experience this all the time.

Have you ever met someone, then when gone to tell someone about this person they ask, "What does she look like?". You feel a bit stuck...So you say "Well she has brown eyes". 

You told nothing to the person you're trying to tell. You cannot even draw a picture. Yet, you know EXACTLY what this person looks like.

This is no mere language barrier. You cannot even think of what this person looks like, whether you're using language to think or not. 

This is the same trap you're caught in when you're trying to to find any truth. You're playing a game of descriptions. Yet you feel pushed to describe it to yourself so that you may experience it.

But, you see, by then you're too late. You're not experience what you're trying to see, you're experiencing yourself trying to describe to yourself what it is you're trying to see so that you can see it.

What is this that you're experiencing?

Understand that question, as it's what truth pivots upon.

The truth here, and what you're experiencing, is "trying to describe to yourself what it is you're trying to see so that you can see it".

See how effortless it is to see that? You are directly observing this take place, and you are doing so passively. This takes place whether you're trying to see it, or not. 

The truth here is not what you're "trying to see", but what you're seeing. And what you're seeing is a chaotic mess. 

By your very intent to see truth, and everything you have done to try and achieve whatever it is you think needs achieving, you are only trying to shine light upon that chaos. 

When you are seeing someone with brown eyes, you are not doing so by trying to see them. Your are just looking.

Want to know what to do? It's simple. On the top of this blog, there's a button, "Ruthless Arena". Click on that. Make an account, and contact Ciaran, the owner of the forum. If you are serious, and want to uncover this lie, he will grant you posting rights. 

Speak with the people there. If you can find someone with a red name, they are the ones you want to talk to. They will help you expose this lie.

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