Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Human Lie

Who you think you are, spirituality, intellectualism. The sheer lie of it all. It's disgusting.

You wouldn't just look. Reality is right before your eyes. But you will have your comforts, eloquently placed to create your saviour of an idea.

Flaws and shortcomings of your belief jutting out, you fight a constant battle of rearranging, bolstering, and defending this idea you think will save you.

What you have are beliefs. You live in a world of ideas, which you spend your life perfecting. You accept what fits, discard what doesn't, with sheer disregard for any reality behind the belief. You don't look. You are but assembling some mental puzzle.

You do this even as you read this post. You even arrange your mental puzzle in a way that allows you to ignore that previous sentence. You are hell-bent to protect your saviour. You consider your idea reality. And you refuse to allow it to crumble.

You wont admit it. You refuse to even glance at the possibility. You'll have your saviour. You'll have your perfect little belief, and it will protect you from your demise. You will do anything you can, to protect you from the realization that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE.

That's all it comes down to. It's that one question that you so dearly want answered. You want to know who or what you are. But you cannot quite put your finger on it. You build your ideas, assemble, combine, and arrange components to bring the answer closer to WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE.

But the answer is simple. The answer is to look.

And all it takes to look, is simple honesty.

Look at single possibility. Don't look for absolute fact behind it. Don't think about it. Don't try and make it another one of your ideas.


Just a quick look. At one, single possiblity.

There is no you.


There is an experience. Is it possible there is no experiencer?
There is thinking. Is it possible there is no thinker?
There is feeling. Is it possible there is no feeler?

Is it possible that all these things exist, but there's no "me" that is on the recieving end of it?

You feel like a "me". You have your entire life. And you always will.

But is it possible, that instead of
I feel like me

It's simply
Feel like me


Just consider that possibility. Don't think about it. Look at reality, and see if it could be real.

Could it be real, that all these things exist, only there is not a you?

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Anonymous said...

Hello! The possibility you speak of is rather obvious, it's the reality beyond the concepts. But I don't understand why you treasure it so much - it doesn't have any practical use. It's an attitude that might be comforting in some cases, but it doesn't lead to anything constructive. If a human was raised from an infant with such an attitude, what would he achieve? Nothing, he wouldn't even mentally develop because the broader, trans-personal consequences of that concept is rejecting every object, and thus the whole language. Along with knowledge, science, art... All that remains is a meaningless existence. Why do you find it attractive?

Gh0$T V1Ru$ said...

Hey Unison, it's Chan.
We are back on, still doing this, except without the shitty attitude and all that kill the lie bullshit. Be good to see you over there, your insight was great, we could use your talents.

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